Block Paving


Here at West Yorkshire Resin Driveways we can install any style of block paving from traditional to contemporary sets or, more commonly plaspave 50’s.

Popular Block Paving Ranges

The Plaspave range includes Sorrento, Monopoli, Amalfi, Gissentro, Premia, Palermo and Modena (See our full range & styles here) and is one of the most popular ranges chosen by our clients.We also install anything in the Marshalls or Bradstone ranges.


The first stage is to remove your existing driveway, this is done using a mini digger with all the debris collected by a grab wagon and will normally be completed in a day depending on the size of the area. The minimum depth to be excavated is 10″ ( 250mm ) to allow for 6″ ( 150mm ) hardcore 2″ ( 50mm ) river sand and 2″ ( 50mm ) for the blocks.

The new driveway has to be set to the correct falls and cross falls, this is done by setting pegs into the ground at various points in the drive and attaching a string line to achieve the necessary angle so rainwater can run off. A new M.O.T. (Ministry Of Transport) standard type 1 sub base is installed and has to be compacted with a vibrating roller.

Once this is completed, new edging restraints, drainage and manholes are set in concrete. A compacted layer of river sand is then laid and screeding rails are positioned. Once the sand is screeded, the laying of the blocks can begin in the chosen pattern.

Once all the blocks have been laid, cuts need to be made using diamond tip blades at the edges. Finally kiln dried sand is brushed into the joints and a vibrating plate is run over the area so that the sand filters down in between the blocks. This process is repeated until blocks are fully bedded and all joints are full. Any surplus sand is swept away.

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