Our tarmac is available in both red and black and looks stylish with a block border for contrast.

We guarantee all our work for 5 years and do every job from start to finish, because of this we don’t undertake work that only involves a tarmac overlay. Our work includes a full site excavation and a new hardcore sub base which is installed generally 100-150mm in depth. In contrast with many of our competitors, who use an ordinary wacker plate, we always use a 3 ton roller to ensure the sub base is completely compacted and new edging stones are concreted in. The base coat has to be a minimum depth of 50mm, at a specification of 20mm thick depending on expected traffic weight. A top wearing course is a minimum depth of 25mm/30mm, at a specification of 6mm thick.

First Layer

The tarmac will go down in two layers, first the base and then the top surface known as the ‘wearing’ course. The base layer will use a larger grade of aggregate and has to be delivered in a heated lorry. Once laid roughly along the site of the driveway, the tarmac is spread out and leveled with large, sturdy rakes. The roller will then compact the base layer, only stopping when it no longer makes marks on the surface.

Top Surface and Finishing

The wearing course has smaller grains of aggregate so there’s a finer, smoother looking and harder wearing top layer. In the future, if the job has been done right all the way through, the driveway can be rejuvenated by skimming the wearing course and re-laying it, a process known as ‘overlay’. The laying is done in much the same way as the base course but with more care, and our professional crew will be looking for a tolerance of around half a centimetre across the levels.

The drive will set fairly rapidly and within an hour or so it will be available for careful use. It’s best to avoid aggressive accelerating or braking for the first week or two. Contact us for a quote.